Business & Corporate Law

Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices offers a wide range of business and corporate services to individuals and entities. We take the time necessary to ensure that our clients understand the legal requirements associated with owning a business and how best to minimize liability. We provide many services customized to the specific needs of our clients, including:

Entity Selection and Corporate Structuring

As a part of forming a business and deciding on the proper legal and financial structure, we advise clients on tax issues, liability and other factors to take into consideration when choosing an entity. We also assist clients with choosing between taking on partners in ownership (shareholders, partners, or members) or raising capital through obtaining business loans (debt).


We have experience in the formation of all types of business entities including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships for both for profit and non-profit enterprises. As part of our formation services, we assist clients in obtaining the appropriate state and local business licenses and filing the proper documents with the Internal Revenue Service. We also serve as a resource for our clients for all of their start-up questions, legal or not.

Resident Agent Services

We offer resident agent services to all of our clients regardless of where they are located. These services are designed to take the headache out of owning a business entity. As the resident agent, we fulfill the legal requirement of having an agent for service of process in the State of Nevada, but our services go much farther than that. We make sure that each of our clients keeps its minute book up to date and files the appropriate documents with the Secretary of State to keep the entity in good standing and its owners well protected.


Businesses enter into all kinds of agreements. Our huge libraries of business contracts and experience in negotiation allow us to efficiently draft or review any kind of business contract.

Mergers and Acquisitions

It has been our pleasure to watch many of our start-up businesses grow and become leaders in their respective industries. As leaders, many have decided to grow through acquiring other businesses or have decided to sell to larger companies. We’ve been right by their sides through these purchases and sales making sure that their interests are protected and the value of their assets is maximized.