Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices offers various services for developing, growing and established businesses, including incorporation, corporate/business law and employment law. The Firm also offers services related to intellectual property, including, copyrights, trademarks and licensing agreements.
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Starting and Maintaining a Business

Nevada has excellent tax incentives for corporations. There is no corporate income tax, no tax on corporate shares, no franchise tax and no personal income tax. In addition to these benefits, the stockholders, directors and officers need not live or hold meetings in Nevada, or even be U.S. Citizens. Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices believes that our job is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to start their business. This enables our clients to focus on what’s important: their business.

Business & Corporate Law

Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices offers a wide range of business and corporate services to individuals and entities. We take the time necessary to ensure that our clients understand the legal requirements associated with owning a business and how best to minimize liability.

Employment Law

Human Resources is a very complex and sensitive aspect of a business environment. Proper administration and compliance is vital to success. At Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices we focus on preventative measures for our clients to assist them in avoiding legal problems or to position them to minimize liability if they are sued.

Intellectual Property Law

Many business owners are unaware of the value of their intangible intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, trade names & trade secrets). Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices will help you understand how to build value by properly acquiring and protecting intellectual property assets.